Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: You'll find its possible to skate in just about any clothes. However, to remain warm and comfortable we suggest wearing long jeans or trousers and warm top. Standard socks are fine though you may wish to bring an extra pair to change into after skating. A pair of gloves or mittens are highly recommended.

Q: Do I have to bring my own ice skates?

A: No, you do not need to bring your own skates. QIA has a variety of skates for hire including hockey skates and figure skates.

Q: Does the price of a ticket include skate hire?

A: Yes, the price is all inclusive.

Q: How long do I get on the ice?

A: The Queenstown Ice Arena is unusual in that your admission ticket allows you to skate for as long as you like during our general skating sessions! See our General Skating Sessions for times. Be advised that the admission ticket does not allow for re-entry to the Arena once you have left. You may purchase an all-day pass for an additional $5 per skater to allow multiple reentries in the same day.

Q: Are there group discounts if I come with lots of friends?

A: Yes, a discounted rate will be given to groups of ten people or more. See our Pricing page.

Q: Where do I put my shoes and other belongings while I skate?

A: QIA provides free under bench storage; however these are not secure areas. If you wish to hire a locker for $2.00 speak to staff at Skate Hire.

Q: I've never skated before and I'm worried I'll fall and hurt myself.

A: Don't worry, Arena Staff will be on hand at all times to pass on some basic skating tips. We also have skating aids if you need some extra support.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?

A: It is not compulsory to wear a helmet on the ice, if you are a new skater we highly recommend that you wear one for your own personal safety. Helmets can be obtained from Skate Hire free of charge.

Q: Do I need a lesson to learn how to skate?

A: Lessons are a great, fun tool to advance your skills at any level but are not necessary to get started. On ice staff will be there to help but if you want a one on one lesson speak to Skate Hire and they will endeavour to arrange one for you. Click on our Pricing page  for information on the cost of private lessons.

Q: Is my child old enough to ice skate?

A: We find that children 2-3 years old can begin learning how to skate. The QIA has great skating aids for little ones and Ice Sleds are available to hire to push them around if they are less confident.

Q: Is it safe for children to skate by themselves?

A: Children are welcome to skate without their parents. However, children under 5 years old should be accompanied on the ice by an adult or older child.

Q: Can I make a request for certain music to be played at the Queenstown Ice Arena ?

A: Yes! Simply ask at Skate Hire and you can write your songs down. Our Automated Music System has a wide selection so we'll almost certainly have the songs you request.

Q: Do you sell socks at the Queenstown Ice Arena?

A: Yes. Along with basic mittens you can find socks for purchase at the Skate Hire area.

Q: Is skating dangerous?

A: Like any other sport, ice skating has a certain amount of risk to it, but in a supervised environment with instructors on hand to help the risks are very minimal. Statistcally skiing is a far more dangerous activity.

Q: How thick is the ice?

A: The ice is generally between 1.5 inches and 2 inches thick at any point. Underneath this is a cooled concrete slab. It is important not to dig holes in the ice as other skaters can fall into them and possibly injure themselves.

Q: How cold is it inside the rink?

A: The air temperature in the ice arena will be about 16° Celsius, but a comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the café and skate hire area

Q: Is ice skating similar to inline skating?

A: Yes, the basic stride in both disciplines is almost identical. If you have tried inline skating you should adapt to ice skating quickly.

Q: Can I rent a hockey stick and puck?

A: Under normal circumstances we section off an area of ice for those who wish to play around with a stick and puck. Simple games can be played in this area but no lifting of the puck and no slap shots are to be taken in this area. Helmets are mandatory in this area. The hockey area will be closed if numbers at a General Skating Session warrant it. This is entirely at the discretion of QIA staff members.

Q: Can I get something to eat and drink at the Queenstown Ice Arena?

A: Yes, the café is open during all general skating sessions. Enjoy hot foods and tasty snacks and drinks in the comfort of the Lounge.

Q: Can I Bring my own food or drinks to the Arena?

A: No. It is our policy that no outside food or beverages may be consumed in the Queenstown Ice Arena