First Time Here

First time ice skating? Or maybe its just your first time skating here at the Queenstown Ice Arena. Either way you'll find it incredibly easy to get yourself, your family and friends on the ice and having fun. Check out our FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.

  • Head to your right after entering the main doors of the arena and enter the glass doors marked Skate Hire & Cafe. If you aren't  keen to get on the ice yourself don't worry there is no admission charge and you can relax in our lounge and cafe area. Be advised that children under 5 years old should be accompanied on the ice by a parent or older sibling.
  • Immediately to your right you will find the skate hire area where you will be fitted for your skates by our staff. If you like you can be fitted for a helmet at no extra cost. If you choose to hire one of our ice sleds, penguin pals, hockey sticks or upgrade to our premium skates you can do so here by talking to one of our staff members.
  • If you have possessions which you want to store safely while you are on the ice you may hire a locker for a small fee of $2. ($3 key deposit required)
  • Make your way out to the ice surface and get ready to have a blast!
  • Don't be nervous about skating for the first time. Our staff members are here to help and can offer advice and tips to get  you going. Our penguin pals are great for those children who need a bit more support and the ice sleds allow parents and older children some support whilst pushing the little ones around. Alternatively, a $20 quick start lesson will get you going in no time at all.
  • The Queenstown Ice Arena has a fully functioning cafĂ© serving a variety of hot foods, drinks and snacks, as such  it is our policy that no outside food or beverages are to be consumed  in the arena.

Tips for the First Time Skater

What to Bring and how to get moving on the Ice

  • Bring your own socks. We can sell you socks at the Arena but you might prefer your own. Don't wear extra thick socks; otherwise you may find it difficult to get the correct fit for your skates.
  • Your skates are meant to fit as snugly as possible. Do not be surprised if your skate size is up to one size smaller than your shoe size.
  • It is important that your foot does not move around inside the skate so tighten your laces as much as possible.
  • Wear gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm.
  • Once on the ice gain your balance by having your skates shoulder width apart, bending your knees, leaning forward and with your arms held out to your sides for balance.
  • Practicing marching on the spot by lifting your  knees and putting your feet back down in the same place. This will help you learn how to balance on each foot.
  • To begin moving point your toes slightly outwards and begin marching as before. Be sure to keep your knees bent and your body weight forward. Sure enough you'll find yourself moving forward.
  • If your still having trouble don't worry. Our staff will be sure to give you a few tips and advice. Alternatively, a $20 quick start lesson will get you and your friends and family going in no time.



mapWalking from Central Queenstown

The Queenstown Ice Arena is located just a short stroll from the Queenstown esplanade (the beach in front of the town).

Walking to the Ice Arena has the additional benefit of taking in the sights of the iconic Queenstown Gardens. On your way check out the Frisbee Golf course which has become very popular with locals and visitors alike.

You can rent Frisbees at the ice rink and we offer Skate & Frisbee combo deals.

The pathway from central Queenstown to Ice Arena is lit during the evening so you can find your way safely at any hour. See the map below.



There is plenty of parking at the Ice Arena so don't be worried about getting a free spot. View the map above for directions. Parking directly outside and adjacent to the Ice Arena is restricted to 4 hours.