Social Hockey League

Quick InfoWhat

A social league for beginner and intermediate players

Who Can Play

Anyone over 16


Every Sunday from 6pm

How Much


Is it Safe?

Ice Hockey is safe when supervised and the correct protective gear is worn


The Social League has spawned out of the desire to have a Ice Hockey League that is accessible to both novice and intermediate players. This league has grown every year and last year we had eight teams vying for the Easton Cup. For 2017 it is expected that there will be 8 teams in the league!

Many players begin the season with little to no experience of ice hockey or even skating!! By the end of the season most have improved beyond recognition and are dedicated hockey players for life.


The season usually begins in late May (though we run informal drop in sessions on Sunday nights as early as April) and runs through October every Sunday. Each team will usually play one 45 minute game every week.

If you are new to hockey and are willing to take the wild ride through a full season we guarantee  you won't regret it!! If you don't believe us just ask anyone who has competed for the Easton Cup in the past!

Equipment, Teams & Rules

This is a non-checking league open to both men and women over 18 years. Intentional hitting, tripping or fighting is not tolerated.  There is at least one referee on the ice at all times and his/her calls must be accepted at all times. The League is managed and run by the Queenstown Ice Hockey Club. Coach Ben MacKay manages the league on behalf of the QIHC.

While ice hockey is safe if the correct equipment is worn and sensible play conducted we cannot guarantee your safety and as such you are required to sign a waiver at the beginning of the season stating that you are responsible for your our actions and play hockey at your own risk.


If you are interested in playing in the 2017 Social Ice Hockey League please contact Ben MacKay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.