KiwiSkate (learn to skate) Programme

Quick InfoWhat

The nationally accredited learn to skate program for children. After completing the entire Kiwiskate program skaters will be able to confidently skate forwards and backwards, glide on one foot, stop, and execute advanced moves like Mohawks, three turns and crossovers.

Who is it for

Any child from 4 years +


Term 3 (10 weeks) Monday 24th July ends Thursday 28th September.

Choose a Day/Time that suits your child's schedule:

Monday 4:15pm-5:15pm

Wednesday 4-5pm

Thursday 4:15pm-5:15pm

How Much?

1 X  Kiwiskate session a week on either Monday /Wednesday / Thursday : $165 (10 sessions)

* You may pay $20 for the first session as a trial but full payment must be made for the term if you wish to continue.

How do I Register my child?

Simply click here and complete the Registration form

Ice skate lesson 7Aug14 6

The Queenstown Ice Arena is proud to run the Kiwiskate learn to skate programme for a fifth year in succession. After a great turnout last year we are pleased to announce that skating coach Deanna Pielak-Jones returns as Skate School Director and on-ice instructor.

The Programme

The programme focuses on the fundamentals of good skating technique and leads the children through the basic skills before progressing to more complex movements as they advance. These skills are essential for both figure skating and ice hockey. Participants will earn badges as they progress and complete the skills required.

Children as young as 4 years old have been enrolled in the past and instructors ensure that everyone has a great time with lots of fun games  for all ages to reinforce the basic skills. You'll be amazed at the progress the children make throughout the term.  Children can begin to master the skills necessary to compete in figure skating competitions or go on to play ice hockey. Learning to skate properly has the added benefit of enhancing your child's sense of balance and increasing their core strength essential for many other competitive sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rugby, soccer etc.

Please call 441 8000 to book a place for your child or to ask any further questions.


All classes are held from 4pm to 5pm on Wednesdays and 4:15pm-5:15pm on Mondays/Thursdays. Skaters may participate in one or more sessions per week.

Bring: Warm clothes,gloves,hat, bike or ski helmet, and a smile!!

Students are separated into instruction groups by ability and age.

How can I sign up

Complete the form here: Registration Form

Alternatively, simply come into the Ice Arena at any time during public hours to complete a Registration Form. For more info call (03) 441 8000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Give it a go Price: $20 after that you must pay for the term.

Full payment is to be made by the end of the first week. Thank you!

 Internet payment is available, information will be on the enrollment form.

Why learn to skate?

Skating is a great way to learn new skills, promote fitness and coordination, and of course have fun!  It's a sport that anyone and everyone can engage in and enjoy.  Families, partners, siblings, and friends of all ages and levels of experience are able to enjoy time on the ice together.  Let us show you how with the Queenstown Skate School's learn to skate program. 

Worried another winter sport might interfere with the ski season?  Skaters of all ages report improvements when cross-training in other athletics, especially skiing and snowboarding, due to the agility, balance and endurance acquired along with skating skills.  Flexibility in class scheduling allows participants to do it all, and make the most of Queenstown's exciting winter season!