Learn to Skate

The Queenstown Ice Arena offers a variety of programmes to help you learn to skate. Please choose from one of the following link:


Why learn to skate?

Skating is a great way to learn new skills, promote fitness and coordination, and of course have fun!  It's a sport that anyone and everyone can engage in and enjoy.  Families, partners, siblings, and friends of all ages and levels of experience are able to enjoy time on the ice together.  Let us show you how with the Queenstown Skate School's learn to skate program. 

Worried another winter sport might interfere with the ski season?  Skaters of all ages report improvements when cross-training in other athletics, especially skiing and snowboarding, due to the agility, balance and endurance acquired along with skating skills.  Flexibility in class scheduling allows participants to do it all, and make the most of Queenstown's exciting winter season!